Consumer Services
Computer Problems?
Our PC Rebuild/Repair service is perfect for computers with any of the following problems: Pop-ups, virus’, browser redirections, random restarts, blue screens, failures to start, etc. 

PC Rebuild/Repair Service includes the following:

  • Diagnose the Problem 
  • Free System Cleaning 
  • Repair OS installation if possible, or reinstall OS if needed. 
  • Repair/Reinstall any software that you own and for which you provide the installation disks/keys. 
  • Includes providing estimates for any additional hardware, software, or data recovery services needed for a complete solution
Bring your PC and installation media in to our store or call us today to discuss our pick-up and in-home service. Repairs can take up to 3 business days and depends on the nature of the problem. Our signature pick-up service includes pick-up* and after the repair is completed returning your PC to your home, setting it up, and verifying that everything is working before we leave. 

 *Extra charges may apply for pick-ups further than 10 miles from Noblesville.